Bella Life Models

Last week, I had a shoot that we had been planning two weeks in advance fall apart. The location we scouted was destroyed the afternoon before the shoot. Two of my models Erica & Nola from Bella Life Models had already come up to Portland from Boston. We decided to make the best out of the day and wander around and shoot something with the same theme. This is what we came up with. Enjoy!

Nashville, TN trip

I decided to throw together a collection of images from our trip to Tennessee last week. Good weather and good friends made for a really wonderful trip. We went to Chattanooga, went swimming, Hit up the Country Music Hall of Fame and had some great drinks at Yazoo Brewing and Barista Parlor. Had a bit of rough return home to Maine, but we finally made it. Thanks to everyone for making this trip happen.

Oxbow/Local 188 Beer Dinner

I had the pleasure of photographing a recent beer dinner that Oxbow Brewing and Local 188 put together; pairing 5 courses with 5 beers making one incredibly unique night of food and drink. I put together a gallery of images from Tuesday night in case you missed out on tickets. Don't worry, I'm sure this won't be the last collaboration event. Both Oxbow and Local 188 have some of the most creative minds working behind the scenes and I'm grateful to have been able to capture it. Now, I just need to find a way to make my own cheese ice cream beer float.

Kayli & Sean

My brother and his wife are due in May. The other day they asked me to shoot some maternity shots. I don't usually shoot maternity photographs, But as they are family I was more then happy too. I must say it was the most fun I have had shooting in awhile. Everyone is very pleased with how the images came out and are anxiously waiting the new arrival.

Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers: The Step Dad Mag video premiere

After a few years in the works, last night at Oxbow Blending & Bottling the Step Dad Mag video premiered. This is the first full length skate video to come out of Portland, ME in quite some time. After watching it I have not doubt that the skate scene is still alive and thriving here. I have had the pleasure of shooting photos for Step Dad for the last year or so. Its one of the coolest zines out.   They look for people who are killing it in skateboarding (skaters, photogs, etc.) who are not getting coverage for whatever reason and give them a platform to share themselves on. 

Last night Oxbow Brewing hosted the event at their new spot in Portland, ME. The premiere was sponsored by Step Dad Mag, Resession Skate Shop and Oxbow Brewing. They had a mobile skate shop inside along with insanely good craft beer. Hella Good Taco's supplied the food, while DJ HiDuke slayed the wheels of steel.

Everyone in the video absolutely killed it! I highly suggest if you didn't come out last night that you check the video out. Joe Radano and Jimmy Collins did an amazing job shooting and editing the video.  Be sure to check out more of their work; they're two very talented gentlemen.  The video hardcopies are coming out with the next issue of Step Dad Mag.  You can pick them up at a shop near you that carries the mag. The video will also be going up on the Step Dad Mag youtube page. 

Lastly, I would like to thank Mike Gustafson.  He is the brains behind Step Dad Mag. He has pushed me to shoot more then I ever have this year and is an inspiration. So, thank you for that!

Here is a collection of shots from last nights premiere. I shot it to look like a 35mm disposable with the 90's party feel.

Bunker Brewing Co.

     Tucked down in Portland's East Bayside district is Bunker Brewing Co. located directly behind Tandem Coffee Roasters. I was able to spend the day and get to know Bunkers' Chresten and Joe.  After some much needed Tandem coffee they got started and I was able to witness just how they perfect their delicious beer.  For the most part, it's just the two of them working nonstop in that cozy little building making awesome beer just for you. 

   I can't think of a better way to spend my day than being able to photograph their brewing process while listening to the tunes of Drake's "If You're Reading This Its Too Late".  Of course I was also lucky enough to enjoy some samples too.   I highly suggest making a special trip to Portland, ME to stop in and get a growler or two! 

  Below is the collection of images I created during my day with the Bunker Brewing crew.

Geaghan Bros Brewing

Last week I had the pleasure of spending a few days with the good people at Geaghan Bros Brewing. The restaurant / brewery is located in Bangor, Maine across from Hollywood Slots Casino.  I was able to spend the day getting to know the awesome employees as they filtered and brewed a brand new beer.  The following day I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek of their new, larger brewery that will open later this year.  

Be sure to visit Geaghan's if you are in the Bangor area or are just looking for some good food, good beer, and good company.  Enjoy!

Winter Wonderland

This past weekend we had one of the first real snow falls of the winter. Taking advantage of this weather was a must. I took an adventure with the wife and friends to Wolfe's Neck State Park in Freeport, ME. We hiked around the snowy trails and took some couples shots and fun portraits. It was great to get out of Portland for a bit and shoot a different area of this beautiful state. Here is a gallery of the images from our trip. I hope you enjoy!

Cabin Fever

It's finally looking like winter in Portland Maine today!  After months of ice and slush we woke to big beautiful snowflakes falling from the sky and it doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon.  It's days like this that remind me why I love New England.  Here's a collection of our snowy adventure in the East End this morning, plus a few shots from earlier this week hanging with local photographers, Cait of Cait Kimball Photography and Gretchen from Gretchen Powers Film & Photo.  Happy Winter! 

Ireland: part two


Sadly, we have to come to an end for honeymoon posts. This final installment of our honeymoon covers our stays in Dingle and Dromoland. We had a wonderful time on these last few days of our adventure. Dingle is the cutest, most colorful town.  The road leading in and out of town was so narrow & curvy at times it felt like our car wouldn't fit; but it was definitely worth it.  We got to stay at this incredible bed and breakfast called the Pax House.  It was so homey with a big backyard where we played fetch with the owners dog, a large sunroom overlooking the ocean, and a patio where we could relax with some tea and books (and a pretty annoying chicken).  The food was fresh from their garden and so delicious.  I highly recommend checking them out if you find yourself in Dingle. 

Our last stop before we flew home was Dromoland.  We stayed at an Inn right behind Dromoland Castle so we were able to walk the castle grounds. On our last day we drove the 30 minutes to the coast to see the Cliffs of Moher.  It was the most amazing place - it didn't seem real.  People were scary stupid with how close they got to the edges though...all in the name of selfies!   We hiked, fed wild horses, got ice cream, and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine and view. It was the perfect way to end our trip.  This adventure we took to celebrate our marriage was amazing and we're already planning a second trip which will hopefully include hopping trains all around Europe.  Thanks for letting me share!

Until next time.

Ireland: part one


Ireland; there aren't enough words to describe this place. The people are beyond friendly and the colors are unbelievable. You feel like you staring at a photoshopped image everywhere you look. The food was always fresh and delicious (even though it was challenging to find vegetarian friendly items at times). The beer was of course incredible, and the coffee and tea were perfect. Ireland was amazing.

We flew from Edinburgh to Dublin and started our 8 day adventure in Ireland. Upon landing we rented a car at the airport. This may make many people nervous (including us!) because yes, the roads are narrow, you drive on the opposite side of the road, the signs are in Gaelic and you have no idea where you are - but it actually ended up not being as bad as you'd think. At first we felt as though we were in over our heads. Once we took a breathe and stopped panicing it was not that hard to get used to... it's finding a decent radio station that's challenging. Anyway, I am really happy we started in Dublin. Getting to learn to drive in a major city in a foreign country had its moments of insanity, but driving narrow back roads and taking on the task of driving the southern coast seemed much easier after navigating through the We really enjoyed Stephen's Green, Dublin Castle, the Jameson Distillery, and the Dublin Zoo. We also had a blast at this little bar on Olivier St dancing to Irish live music and drinking Guinness.


Killarney was our next stop. No words can describe how beautiful Killarney National Park is. This was the part of our trip most people would think of as a 'honeymoon'. The hotel had a spa, hot tub, steam room, and three course fine dining; it was definitely a new experience for me. We stayed at the The Lake Hotel which is located right in Killarney National Park. This place was incredible. The hotel was massive; you could get lost wandering the halls, libraries, and lounging areas. It looked out over the lake and had the most insane view of the national park. We spent our time relaxing, getting afternoon tea and hiking through the park to the old castles, estates, and waterfalls. Killarney is a must stop destination.

These photos are from the first 5 days in Ireland from Dublin to Killarney. Enjoy!


Edinburgh, Scotland

Our second stop was Edinburgh, Scotland. We hopped the train at Kings Cross station in London and traveled the english country side with tea and shortbread in hand. I highly suggest taking the train; super relaxing, easy, and fast. We arrived in Edinburgh 3 hours later and were instantly swept away with the cities' beauty. Its an amazing little city, but not for the weak; lots of hills and steps to climb. Needless to say I felt out of shape after the first hour of exploring. 

We stayed in a flat we got through AirBnB (highly recommend). It put us directly downtown in Grassmarket Square in the center of all the shopping and night life with a perfect view of Edinburgh Castle. Hotels can be great, but it was a lot more fun to explore the city while feeling like we had our own temporary 'home' to go back to at the end of the day. We spent time exploring the castle, which was incredible (despite the on/off rain). We had perfect, sunny, fall weather on our last day - we window shopped and checked out the local parks and museums. I got to stop by Focus Skate Shop; of course, and grabbed some palace gear. 

Edinburgh was awesome and we're hoping to go back again someday to explore more of Scotland.  Here is a collection of our time in Edinburgh.

London, England

Back in September I married my beautiful wife. We have been together almost 7 years now and cannot wait to spend the rest of my life adventuring with her. We decided to spend more money on our honeymoon then the wedding. The trip included London, Edinburgh and driving the south coast of Ireland. This first post are images shot in the two days we spent in London, England. I must say I would like to go back and spend more time. I am in love with the city. 

Got married on a Saturday, spend Sunday packing, and left for London at 5am on Monday morning from Portland. We arrived in England at 10pm, freaked out, and decided to get a taxi to the hotel in Waterloo. Needless to say that was the most expensive taxi ride of my life. I don't regret a minute of it. The cab driver was amazing, so funny and relaxing. We instantly went from being over our heads in a foreign country, to feeling relaxed and excited. That was the last time we took public transportation in London. We decided to take on the city by foot. Most would not think this is the most relaxing choice for your honeymoon, but it was the best choice fro us. We had a blast exploring this amazing city and this is some of what was documented.