Edinburgh, Scotland

Our second stop was Edinburgh, Scotland. We hopped the train at Kings Cross station in London and traveled the english country side with tea and shortbread in hand. I highly suggest taking the train; super relaxing, easy, and fast. We arrived in Edinburgh 3 hours later and were instantly swept away with the cities' beauty. Its an amazing little city, but not for the weak; lots of hills and steps to climb. Needless to say I felt out of shape after the first hour of exploring. 

We stayed in a flat we got through AirBnB (highly recommend). It put us directly downtown in Grassmarket Square in the center of all the shopping and night life with a perfect view of Edinburgh Castle. Hotels can be great, but it was a lot more fun to explore the city while feeling like we had our own temporary 'home' to go back to at the end of the day. We spent time exploring the castle, which was incredible (despite the on/off rain). We had perfect, sunny, fall weather on our last day - we window shopped and checked out the local parks and museums. I got to stop by Focus Skate Shop; of course, and grabbed some palace gear. 

Edinburgh was awesome and we're hoping to go back again someday to explore more of Scotland.  Here is a collection of our time in Edinburgh.