Ireland: part one


Ireland; there aren't enough words to describe this place. The people are beyond friendly and the colors are unbelievable. You feel like you staring at a photoshopped image everywhere you look. The food was always fresh and delicious (even though it was challenging to find vegetarian friendly items at times). The beer was of course incredible, and the coffee and tea were perfect. Ireland was amazing.

We flew from Edinburgh to Dublin and started our 8 day adventure in Ireland. Upon landing we rented a car at the airport. This may make many people nervous (including us!) because yes, the roads are narrow, you drive on the opposite side of the road, the signs are in Gaelic and you have no idea where you are - but it actually ended up not being as bad as you'd think. At first we felt as though we were in over our heads. Once we took a breathe and stopped panicing it was not that hard to get used to... it's finding a decent radio station that's challenging. Anyway, I am really happy we started in Dublin. Getting to learn to drive in a major city in a foreign country had its moments of insanity, but driving narrow back roads and taking on the task of driving the southern coast seemed much easier after navigating through the We really enjoyed Stephen's Green, Dublin Castle, the Jameson Distillery, and the Dublin Zoo. We also had a blast at this little bar on Olivier St dancing to Irish live music and drinking Guinness.


Killarney was our next stop. No words can describe how beautiful Killarney National Park is. This was the part of our trip most people would think of as a 'honeymoon'. The hotel had a spa, hot tub, steam room, and three course fine dining; it was definitely a new experience for me. We stayed at the The Lake Hotel which is located right in Killarney National Park. This place was incredible. The hotel was massive; you could get lost wandering the halls, libraries, and lounging areas. It looked out over the lake and had the most insane view of the national park. We spent our time relaxing, getting afternoon tea and hiking through the park to the old castles, estates, and waterfalls. Killarney is a must stop destination.

These photos are from the first 5 days in Ireland from Dublin to Killarney. Enjoy!