Ireland: part two


Sadly, we have to come to an end for honeymoon posts. This final installment of our honeymoon covers our stays in Dingle and Dromoland. We had a wonderful time on these last few days of our adventure. Dingle is the cutest, most colorful town.  The road leading in and out of town was so narrow & curvy at times it felt like our car wouldn't fit; but it was definitely worth it.  We got to stay at this incredible bed and breakfast called the Pax House.  It was so homey with a big backyard where we played fetch with the owners dog, a large sunroom overlooking the ocean, and a patio where we could relax with some tea and books (and a pretty annoying chicken).  The food was fresh from their garden and so delicious.  I highly recommend checking them out if you find yourself in Dingle. 

Our last stop before we flew home was Dromoland.  We stayed at an Inn right behind Dromoland Castle so we were able to walk the castle grounds. On our last day we drove the 30 minutes to the coast to see the Cliffs of Moher.  It was the most amazing place - it didn't seem real.  People were scary stupid with how close they got to the edges though...all in the name of selfies!   We hiked, fed wild horses, got ice cream, and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine and view. It was the perfect way to end our trip.  This adventure we took to celebrate our marriage was amazing and we're already planning a second trip which will hopefully include hopping trains all around Europe.  Thanks for letting me share!

Until next time.