About Andrew Foster

Founder - Head of Photography

Andrew is a photographer living in the Waitsfield, VT.  Andrew graduated from the New England School of Communications with a B.A. in Video Production and Photography.  He owns his own photography business; freelancing for local, national and international companies, including Vogue Italy, 500px, William Arthur Fine Stationery, Crane & Co. Stationery, Martha Stewart Weddings, Maggie Inc., VICE, Basic Model Agency Singapore, Oxbow Brewing, Bunker Brewing, Geaghans Bro's Brewing, Take Magazine, DownEast Magazine, Food and Wine Magazine, Outside Magazine, Spindle Magazine, Maine Magazine, Beer Advocate, PDANK, Lowcard Mag, Skate Jawn, GreenBranch Consulting, Kinsman Swim, Kind & CO. and more.  Andrew is well versed in both natural and artificial light and is constantly working on his own creative projects to improve his craft.

In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, skateboarding, reading (mostly Stephen King), film, music, podcasts, and spending time with his wife, Kelly and their dog, Riley. 


Client List

Vogue Italia

Martha Stewart Weddings

William Arthur Fine Stationery

Crane & CO. Stationery

Kind & Co.

Portland Cannabis Co.

Maggie Inc.

Basic Model Agency Singapore

Maine Medical Center

Oxbow Brewing 

Bunker Brewing

Geaghans Bro's Brewing

GreenBranch Consulting

Bearded Lady's Jewel Box

Aurora Photos

Burgess Advertising

P. Dank


Kinsman Swim

The Beta Agency

Robinson Ballet 

Mirabelle House


Food & Wine Magazine

Spindle Magazine

Outside Magazine

DownEast Magazine

Take Magazine

Dispatch Magazine

Maine Magazine

Lowcard Magazine

Stepdad Magazine

Skate Jawn

Underground Wheel Co.

ESNC Brand

Maine Central Institute