OXBOW an american farmhouse brewery

I had the pleasure of getting to work with Oxbow brewing this year. They have a beautiful farmhouse brewery in Newcastle, ME. They also recently opened a second location Oxbow blending & bottling in Portland, ME. I spent a day up at the Newcastle brewery with Tim, Geoff and the whole crew, I got to document the brewing process as well as their first experiment with their recently acquired Coolship {http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coolship}. I got to learn so much about brewing and their beer. Oxbow makes some of the best beer I have had in my life and to top it off they are a great bunch of people, I insist you try it out. They invited me back to an annual event they have in Newcastle, ME called The Goods From The Woods which was so much fun. I have added some photos from that event in the gallery. On December 14th at the Newcastle, ME brewery they will being hosting An Oxbow Treelighting from noon to 6. I strongly encourage you to go check it out.